Why I Bring My Authentic Self to Work at McAfee

By Kristol, Sales Account Manager and President, McAfee African Heritage Community

If you talked to me when I first started working at McAfee, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that I’d still be working here 16 years later. But I am still working here, and I’ve grown from every challenge and success in my cybersecurity journey. Most of all, I’m thankful to work for an employee-first company.

When I walk through our Plano office doors, it’s like walking into my second home. At my desk, I even have my own as-seen-on-TV “Snuggie” blanket in case I get cold while I’m working.

Early in my career at McAfee, I formed an immediate bond with my new teammates in operations. It was clear to me that they would soon become family. Over the years, we have shared milestones, marriages, births, and burials. And as I’ve moved role to role internally at McAfee, I’ve noticed a trend: these wonderful working relationships have continued. My experience has remained consistent as I’ve moved between departments: from operations to finance and sales.

During my tenure, I have experienced a transition from a married woman with a five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, to a divorcée who is approaching an “empty nesting” season of life. My transition has brought challenging personal experiences—and McAfee was the only constant in my life. Work/life balance as a single mother was critical to my personal and professional success. McAfee’s leadership approach has always been sensitive—not only to what’s best for the bottom line, but what’s best for the employee.


Culture and Office Camaraderie

One of my favorite parts about working at McAfee is the fun culture! In the last 16 years, I have had seven different roles—each with new challenges and skillsets to prepare me for the next level. It has been one adventurous ride—from recording a sales kick-off video meeting, to dress-up shenanigans, to singing “Proud Mary” at a Christmas event (and winning!).

10 years ago, I started a Holiday Candle Exchange party with the women here in our Plano office.  My goal was to put names to faces, network with other women at McAfee and of course, get a great candle for the season! The event started with four to six women and has grown to over 20 women annually. This is one of McAfee’s best attributes, the ability to innovate without fear and cultivate an inclusive culture—right where you are!

Becoming a Leader in the African Heritage Community

In 2017, I proudly accepted the appointment to become the President of the African Heritage Community, one of our diversity and inclusion chapters at McAfee. It’s been an honor to be a part of an organization that celebrates diversity while fostering inclusion and professional growth. The MAHC chapter is led by talented individuals from different business units across the company—like human resources, training, support, and operations.

Our organization is focused on staying connected, cultivating our organization, and committed to professional and personal growth—while centering ourselves within the community.

How McAfee Has Supported My Development

I have truly been blessed to be an employee at McAfee. I work with teammates, managers, and executives that push me to be a better version of myself every single day. They challenge my way of thinking and motivate me to look beyond the present. To prepare for unknown surprises. To accept defeat and learn from it. To be confident in my decisions and trust myself. To never stop learning, believing and dreaming!

This is my life at McAfee…and it’s a wonderful life!



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