Women in Sales Part 3: Traits for Success in Cybersecurity Sales

At McAfee, women are finding the inclusiveness and tools to succeed in cybersecurity sales, a field often misconceived because of its technical background. They are doing so through perseverance, resolve, and the know-how to excel as sales professionals. 

We recently kicked off our Women in Sales Series, which features inspiring women at McAfeeIn Part 1, leading women discussed opportunities and in Part 2, they outlined the necessary skills to succeed. 

This week meet more women at McAfee as they share their advice and distinguishing qualities or characteristics that defined their success as cybersecurity sales professionals. 

Be strong, and not disqualify yourself if you aren’t the expert in the room. Remember, nobody has all the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions — it demonstrates your willingness to learn. Believe in yourself.” 

— Amy, Enterprise Sales, Charlotte, NC, United States 


Resiliency and practice: “Be brave, and in the face of adversity, just keep ‘swimming.’ You won’t ever become good at anything if you do not try, and like in most things, you only become good at sales with practice. Don’t be afraid to network; it’s essential to building connections outside 

the workplace. Be open to learning either through a mentor or as a volunteer in the industry; it will help you overcome any obstacles.”  

 Anastasia, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 

 “Be confident, be prepared, and be a good listener, but most importantly, be curious and willing to improve. When your instinct tells you can do it, do it or learn how to do itIf you don’t understand, ask until you do  the willingness to learn and be honest with yourself will take you a long way. Looking inward will help you work towards self-development. Own your success and listen to your customers and colleagues; they offer so much knowledgeI’ve been lucky to know sponsors who have guided me and signed up for McAfee’s mentor program. The value of sponsors and mentors cannot be defined. Never stop at learning.” 

 Guari, Inside Sales, Mumbai, India


Ambition: “Put yourself out there. Do not become complacent and settle for something below your expectations or the intended result. Make sure your personal brand is solid and leverage that to make connections and network.” 

 Jardin, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

 “When you get your foot in the door for an interview, be persistent. You should be strong and ask tough questions that may move you out of your comfort zone. I try to close the interviewer and learn from the conversation by asking what concerns they had about my candidacy. Use that opportunity to see where you might improve or strengthen your interview skills. Doing so shows the prospective employer the type of salesperson you can be.”  

 Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, D.C., United States 

onfidence: “Don’t doubt yourself  you can do it. If you are eager and motivated, you can accomplish just about anything. But keep your options open throughout your career journey. You may not want to take a lateral move or step back, but that may be just the opportunity you need to learn more and eventually advance. There are so many roles that support the sales teams to help get you started; not all are quota carrying roles.”  

— Krista, Enterprise Sales, Detroit, MI, United States 

 and patience: “Take charge of your future. When you put yourself out there, you show everybody what you are made of and can rise to the occasion. Your peers will keep you top of mind for the next project or assignment. Remember, though, give yourself grace and time to grow. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen if you demonstrate your ability to assume responsibility.” 

 Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States


Determination: “Don’t hesitate to go after something you want that you know you are qualified. You need to keep trying and don’t give up on things you are passionate about.” 

— Margot, Inside Sales, Plano, TX, United States 

 “I believe that if you know what you want, are determined to get it, and remain true to yourself, you will achieve great things in your career. Your customers and colleagues will appreciate you for it.”  

 Marta, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 


Passion: “First, you should have passion. Love what you do and spend time doing it. And get ready to learn the fundamentals for the role that you embrace.”  

 Sandra, Presales/Sales Engineering, Sydney, Australia 


Each of these women offer their own unique perspectives and talents. It takes their combined skills and voices to achieve our mission and protect all that matters  together is power. Next week, McAfee women share key ingredients, such as growth and balance, for sales success.  

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