Experts Discuss the 2016 Verizon DBIR: June #SecChat

Cybersecurity in 2016 has been full of sensational headlines. Ransomware has shut down multiple hospitals, millions of credentials have been pilfered, and countless companies have had their records stolen using phishing tactics. But is it really accurate to judge the state of the industry by headlines alone? What if we took a more analytical approach by examining thousands of incidents over an entire year?

This year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) offers one such opportunity. Data was compiled from 100,000 incidents, 2,260 confirmed breaches, and 67 contributors ranging from government agencies to security service providers – including McAfee. Since 2008, Verizon’s DBIR has measured the pulse of cyber breaches, but this year’s report examines the largest incident dataset ever.

On June 22nd, we’ll host a Twitter #SecChat to discuss the report. Join experts from McAfee, including Raj Samani, Bruce Snell and Matthew Rosenquist, and Marc Spitler of Verizon, to debate issues brought to light in this year’s DBIR.

Topics will include the continued prominence of phishing as an initial attack vector, problems with  weak and stolen passwords in data breaches, and tactics for combating the rise of ransomware. We’ll ask questions like why the gap between time to compromise and time to discovery is widening. Will IoT security attacks emerge in high volume, or not? Does the price drop for stolen payment card information mean card theft will decrease? Be prepared to join the discussion about the DBIR’s key insights.

McAfee #SecChats are open forums. Questions, expertise, or simply an eagerness to keep pace with the industry are welcome. Join us on June 22nd 12pm PST / 3pm EST. Register here.

Step by step instructions:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Search for the #SecChat hashtag to watch the real-time stream.
  • Follow @McAfee_Business on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting out questions for the participants.
  • Join the conversation! Feel free to tweet your questions, comments, and responses to discussion topics by tagging all your tweets with the #SecChat

Any questions prior to the chat? Let us know at @McAfee_Business. Otherwise, just save the date! We’ll see you there for the latest cybersecurity insights from the Verizon DBIR.


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