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McAfee COVID-19 Report Reveals Pandemic Threat Evolution

In this “Special Edition” threat report, we dive deep into the COVID-19 related attacks observed by our McAfee Advanced Threats Research and McAfee Labs teams in the first quarter of 2020 and the early months of the pandemic.

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Mobile and IoT Security

Hacking Your Phone and the Internet of Things

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your refrigerator could inform you when it was out of milk, or vegetables? And wouldn’t it be even more convenient if your fridge could communicate these things to you across town—through a text message? It may seem like some kind of science fiction, but with ...

Family Safety

Family Safety News: 3 Big Stories You May Have Missed

The news that produces a safer Internet for our kids is not always good but it is shaping the digital landscape in some very big ways. Here are three big stories you may have missed and some talking points for your family. Are Your Kids ‘Driving and Vining?’ Talking to ...


How to Protect Your Cash Register from Cyber Criminals

By now, everyone in has heard about the Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches. We’ve recently discovered these retail attacks have been targeting Windows-based cash register systems aka point-of-sales (POS) systems. Hackers are finding ways to penetrate retailers’ networks and install malware on their Windows-based cash register systems and Back-of-the-House ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Smart TVs, Refrigerators Used in Internet-of-Things Cyberattack

Smart TVs, refrigerators, and wireless speakers all played a role in the first global Internet-of-Things cyber attack, discovered by security researchers last week. According to these researchers, more than 100,000 Internet-connected “smart” home appliances were manipulated to create a malicious network that spammed unsuspecting victims with 750,000 phishing emails for ...

Mobile and IoT Security

McAfee Mobile Security: Now Available for iOS Devices

Apple fans rejoice! You too can take a bite out of cybercrime with our latest product release. We recently launched McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS devices, featuring a number of comprehensive protection options available previously only to Android users. Available for free, the software provides iPhones and iPads with a ...

Family Safety

The Secret Tumblr Craze and What Parents Need to Know

Your kids have all but vanished from Facebook and their Instagram postings are becoming more and more sporadic. If this sounds familiar, chances are, they are posting to Tumblr, a micro-blogging platform that is a social cross between Twitter, Facebook, and a traditional blog. It is easy to understand why ...

McAfee Partners

Price Book Changes for 2014

Our Price Books have been complicated and difficult to use. So as part of our continuing effort to be easier to do business with we’re changing them in 2014. We know your time is valuable and key to your company’s success. You need to be able to quickly and easily ...


Positioned highest for completeness of vision in the Gartner Endpoint MQ

Gartner’s latest Endpoint Protection Platform Magic Quadrant (released January 14), has McAfee positioned in the leaders quadrant with the highest for completeness of vision. We believe that this result is a result of years of defining and delivering on our vision of what organizations need today and tomorrow. Security buyers ...

McAfee Labs

Analyzing the Target Point-of-Sale Malware

January 21, 2014:  As more information comes to light, surrounding these events, we continue to identify and analyze additional components and behaviors.   To shed more detailed light on the malware specific to these events, our team in McAfee Labs has released an updated Threat Advisory entitled “McAfee Labs Threat ...

Family Safety

Could Your Kids Be Doing Things That Make Them Bully Bait?

“Seriously, sometimes I think some kids are trying to get bullied,” she opined with a frustrated sigh. I stopped what I was doing and looked up. “What do you mean?” “They just do the dumbest things online,” my 13 year-old said without looking up and perusing her Instagram feed with ...

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