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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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Making Online Safety a Priority for Our Tech-Savvy Children

The joy of parenthood! We offer our children the best opportunities to help them become happy, healthy, responsible and educated citizens. While we want to understand their needs and desires to become the ideal parent, we also remain concerned about their well-being, taking outmost care to ensure that they grow ...


Securing the Network in OpenStack Private Clouds

OpenStack has already begun to deliver on its promise of an open source community driven cloud orchestration tool with the flexibility that many large enterprises, service providers, and telecommunications companies desire. One needs only to look at the ballooning attendance of bi-annual OpenStack summit events and the user survey that ...

Enterprise Executive Perspectives

The New and Next at McAfee

This blog was written by Chris Young, McAfee’s former CEO. At McAfee we’re re-defining how we envision security, beginning with a new, strategic focus on the threat defense lifecycle. That’s why in the coming days, weeks, and months you’ll see and hear us make a number of moves that layout ...

McAfee Labs

Hidden Data Economy Report Exposes Price Points for Stolen Data

McAfee today released The Hidden Data Economy report, which provides examples of how different types of stolen data is being packaged and offering prices for each type of data. McAfee Group’s McAfee Labs organization examined pricing for stolen credit and debit card data, bank account login credentials, stealth bank transfer ...

McAfee Labs

We’ve Been Hacked! Okay, I’ll Deal With It Next Week

That was the message I got from a CEO when we presented evidence that their organization had been compromised and the attackers had been free to roam for months, resulting in the theft of terabytes worth of data. Actually, the exact words were “So we’ve been hacked, eh? Well, it’s ...

Family Safety

What Families Can Learn from the #HisNameIsCayden Hashtag

A recent Facebook post that went viral cost an Atlanta man his job and opened an important conversation for families around individual responsibility online. Gerod Roth, a white man, was fired after he posted a picture of himself with his co-worker’s four-year-old African American son to his personal Facebook page. In ...

Consumer Threat Reports

From the Ground Up: How the Cars of the Future Will Be Secured

Autonomous systems are doing wonders for us, whether it be in factory manufacturing or recommending where you go to get your next Pumpkin Spice latte. They’re freeing up time, producing more goods and sending us to those quaint little cafés that we may have never discovered otherwise. But our autonomy-based ...


McAfee delivers Updates to its Comprehensive Android Optimization Solution, Battery Optimizer

McAfee just released the latest update to its McAfee Battery Optimizer, a complete device optimization app that works with Android smartphones and tablets. We’ve taken users’ feedback seriously to redesign the app to make it more versatile for both new and existing users. McAfee Battery Optimizer 2.0 has evolved beyond ...

Family Safety

10 Tips to Help Boost Your Teen’s Selfie Safety IQ

More people accidentally die each year while taking selfies than die from shark attacks. Sounds like an urban legend, right? Unfortunately, it’s a fact, according to Mashable. It’s clear your teen knows how to take a selfie but does he or she know how to take a safe selfie? It’s a ...

Cloud Security

CISO Beat: Tomorrow’s Security Today

BoxWorks took place in San Francisco this week, championing the recurring theme, “How Tomorrow Works.” There is no doubt cloud computing marks the destination for enterprise software, but security concerns continue to delay progress. Many companies in even the most-regulated industries, such as Financial Services, have taken a cloud-first approach to IT ...

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