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2021 Threat Predictions Report

New year, new threats! Hear from McAfee experts as they share our 2021 threat predictions and some of the challenges enterprises and consumers could face in the new year.

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Cloud Security

The 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Data Loss Prevention

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s even better to learn from the mistakes of others. McAfee (formerly Skyhigh Networks) has some of the security world’s most seasoned data loss prevention (DLP) experts who’ve spent the last decade building DLP solutions and helping customers implement them. So, we thought ...

Enterprise McAfee Partners

Register, Track, Certify: Don’t Lose Your ACE Status in 2015

This blog post was written by Allison Clarke. As an Accredited Channel Engineer (ACE) you are probably aware of all of the great rewards you get from your ACE status; which is why it is important to remember to keep up to date through re-certification. If you obtained your ACE ...

McAfee Labs

Top 3 Phishing Attacks Use Similar Tricks

Phishing scams are immensely popular and we see millions of phishing messages everyday. Today we offer the top three phishing scams that attempt to steal your web mail credentials. Web Mail Scam This scam starts with an email that appears to come from Administrator or Helpdesk and requests that you ...

Cloud Security

McAfee and Palo Alto Networks to Extend Next-Gen Firewall to the Cloud

As part of our mission to help organizations securely enable cloud services, we’ve expanded our range of partnerships beyond cloud service providers to include security solution providers. These strategic partnerships enable joint customers to leverage their investments in security infrastructure as they seek to securely enable cloud services. For this ...

Family Safety

Apps to Stop You (Adults!) from Texting and Driving

She was texting and driving when she hit my kid. No, it wasn’t a careless teenager or a group of kids horsing around. It was a suburban mom in her mid-40s, driving an SUV and looking at her phone. My son was stopped at an intersection waiting for the light ...

Consumer Threat Notices

A Connected Nation: IoT in America in 2025

If there’s one thing that remains consistent about technology, it is that it’s always in flux. From tablets to phablets, smart cars to smart TVs, our devices are getting increasingly “smarter” and entwined with our daily routines. To better understand the consumer perspective on these ever-evolving technology trends, we conducted ...

Cloud Security

Dyre Straits: Millions of Cloud Users Vulnerable to New Trojan

A powerful new strain of malware called Dyre (or Dyreza) not only poses a serious threat to consumers and businesses, it also signifies the cloud has arrived. Dyre not only uses the cloud as a vector for distributing malware to client machines, once installed it attempts to compromise data sent ...

Endpoint Security Security Operations

Progress Report: Critical Security Controls Adoption

This blog was written by Barbara Kay. Today the SANS Institute released its survey on adoption of the Top 20 Critical Security Controls (CSCs) for Effective Cyber Defense. It’s a worthwhile read for CISOs and security analysts charged with overseeing security and risk management. The survey documents adoption highlights and hurdles, ...

Family Safety

40 Phrases Every Child Needs to Hear

With school back in full swing our house has transitioned almost instantly from long, fun summer days to tighter schedules, shiny new goals, and more abbreviated, almost code-like conversation. When life shifts into a busy season it’s easy to become more about the task and less about the consistent, verbal connection ...

McAfee Labs

BackOff Malware Uses Encryption to Hide Its Intentions

Often we see malware authors using encryption or obfuscation along with other techniques to modify the static contents of malware. They do this to evade static-based clustering and detection even though the behavior is the same. In many cases obfuscation also helps hide the threat’s malicious intentions from security researchers. ...

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