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2021 Threat Predictions Report

New year, new threats! Hear from McAfee experts as they share our 2021 threat predictions and some of the challenges enterprises and consumers could face in the new year.

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Bitlocker/Truecrypt Decryption Tool

Following on from my post “10 Things You Don’t Want To Know About Bitlocker”, “TPM Undressed” and “Firewire Attacks Revisited” it recently came to my attention that Passware, Inc. A feisty California company has released a version of their forensic software which will decrypt Bitlocker and TrueCrypt protected hard disks ...


TPM "Undressed…"

Recently it was announced with much fanfare that the now-ubiquitous “TPM” chip found in most modern computers had been hacked. This obviously unnerved a lot of people, especially those hanging the safety of their secrets on free solutions like Microsoft Bitlocker which use the TPM to provide convenience to their ...

McAfee Labs

"Operation Aurora" Leading to Other Threats

Operation Aurora has received a lot of attention over the past couple of days.  To recap, Google, Adobe, and many other companies were attacked with code exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer.  Since the announcement of this vulnerability (CVE-2010-0249), exploit code has been made public and already revised into ...

McAfee Labs

More Details on "Operation Aurora"

Earlier today, George Kurtz posted an entry, ‘Operation “Aurora” Hit Google, Others’,  on the McAfee’s Security Insight blog  The purpose of this blog is to answer questions about this particular attack; fill in some of the threat flow and McAfee coverage details. How were systems compromised? When a user manually ...


Vulnerability in Some Secure USB Sticks

Recently a slew of news sites announced a newly discovered vulnerability (care of the German Security firm SySS) on a range of supposedly “secure” consumer USB sticks. With the right tools and know-how, these models from SanDisk, Kingston and Verbatim were apparently easy to defeat and retrieve the data from ...


Oh what a difference an “o” can make!

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas in Australia, long summer days, the sound of cicadas at night, seafood on Christmas day or traditional ham with roasted vegies, I just love the festive season. And I must confess that I love Christmas shopping.  Yep, I’m one of those ...


10 Things You Don’t Want To Know About Bitlocker

An update to this post was written by Ted Pan:  With Release of Windows 10, Questions About BitLocker Arise Again With the forthcoming release of Windows 7, questions about “Bitlocker” are coming up again. For those of you who were around during the original release of Bitlocker, or as it ...

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