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RSA 2020 – See You There!

There’s a lot to look forward to at RSA 2020, so be sure to stop by booth #N-5745 in the North Hall for demos, theater sessions, and more.

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McAfee Labs

The Cloning of The Ring – Who Can Unlock Your Door?

Steve Povolny contributed to this report. McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team performs security analysis of products and technologies across nearly every industry vertical. Special interest in the consumer space and Internet of Things (IoT) led to the discovery of an insecure design with the McLear NFC Ring a household access ...

McAfee Labs

The Tradeoff Between Convenience and Security – A Balancing Act for Consumers and Manufacturers

This week McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) published new findings, uncovering security flaws in two popular IoT devices: a connected garage door opener and a “smart” ring, which, amongst many uses, utilizes near field communication (NFC) to open door locks. I’d like to use these cases as examples of a ...

Life at McAfee

Do You Have Blind Spots? McAfee Welcomes Check Your Blind Spots Bus Tour

A bus, virtual reality, and conversations around inclusion. How do all these fit together? The answer: CEO Action’s Check Your Blind Spots Bus Tour. Working at McAfee means innovating in everything we do – it’s imperative for us to stay a step ahead of cyberattacks. This includes new approaches to ...

Family Safety

Is It Time to Overhaul Your Relationship with Technology?

Editor’s Note: This is part I of a series on Digital Minimalism in 2020. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he called it the “best iPod ever,” and said it would be a “very cool way” to make calls and listen to music. Little did he know that ...

Family Safety

Lessons Learned: A Decade of Digital Parenting

Give yourself a high-five, parents. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite celebratory drink and sip it slow — real slow. Savor the wins. Let go of the misses. Appreciate the lessons learned. You’ve come a long way in the last decade of raising digital kids, and not ...

Endpoint Security

How to Apply the Lessons of 2019 to the Security of 2020

What keeps executives up at night? According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2019 Executive Opinion Survey, it’s cyberattacks. When reflecting on 2019, it’s clear why that is. From healthcare and insurance to manufacturing and telecommunications, cybercriminals spared no industry from their schemes, with a few key verticals bearing the ...

Family Safety

10 Thoughtful (Free) Holiday Gifts to Give Your Friends Year ‘Round

Just a quick poll. What feelings do these digital scenarios evoke: being ghosted, getting trapped in a group text, being left on ‘read,’ or someone blowing up your phone with a million messages? Did you cringe a little or drop your phone like a hot potato? You wouldn’t be alone. ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Don’t RSVP to This Holiday Party: Protect Yourself From the Emotet Trojan

The holiday season is officially among us. From last-minute holiday shopping to attending countless parties, this time of year keeps users busy. The holiday season is an especially busy time for cybercriminals as well. According to Bleeping Computer, the cybercriminals behind the Emotet trojan have been targeting users with a ...

Executive Perspectives

New Version of App Control Revving Up

As a leader in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program, McAfee is constantly innovating to meet and exceed the security needs of the federal government. Federal agencies count on McAfee to secure their networks and systems, from device to the cloud, and we’re always ...

Podcast German

ST15: Bedrohungsinformationen (German)

In diesem Podcast beleuchten wir das Thema “Threat Intelligence” von verschiedenen Blickwinkeln. Hierfür haben wir uns kompetente Unterstützung von Markus Auer, seines Zeichens Sales Manager bei ThreatQ, dazugeholt, der uns durch die Kernthemen bei der Nutzung von Threat Intelligence leiten wird. Dabei betrachten wir die Annahme von Informationen, die Weiterverarbeitung ...

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