The Kaspersky Software Ban—What You Need to Know to Stay Safe Online

Citing national security concerns, the U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a ban on the sale of all Kaspersky online protection software in the U.S. This ban takes effect immediately.  

Of major importance to current customers of Kaspersky online protection, the ban also extends to security updates that keep its protection current. Soon, Kaspersky users will find themselves unprotected from the latest threats. 

Current Kaspersky users have until September 29, 2024 to switch to new online protection software. On that date, updates will cease. In fact, the Department of Commerce shared this message with Kaspersky customers: 

I would encourage you, in as strong as possible terms, to immediately stop using that [Kaspersky] software and switch to an alternative in order to protect yourself and your data and your family.” 

As providers of online protection ourselves, we believe every person has the right to be protected online. Of course, we (and many industry experts!) believe McAfee online protection to be second to none, but we encourage every single person to take proactive steps in securing their digital lives, whether with McAfee or a different provider. There is simply too much at stake to take your chances. The nature of life online today means we are living in a time of rising cases of online identity theft, data breaches, scam texts, and data mining. 

If you’re a current Kaspersky US customer, we hope you’ll strongly consider McAfee as you look for a safe and secure replacement. For a limited time, you can get a $10 discount to switch to McAfee using code MCAFEEKASUS10 at checkout.

With that, we put together a quick Q&A for current Kaspersky users who need to switch their online protection software quickly. And as you’ll see, the Department of Commerce urges you to switch immediately.  

Did the U.S. government ban the sale of Kaspersky? 

Yes. The Department of Commerce has issued what’s called a “Final Determination.” In the document, the government asserts that:  

“The Department finds that Kaspersky’s provision of cybersecurity and anti-virus software to U.S. persons, including through third-party entities that integrate Kaspersky cybersecurity or anti-virus software into commercial hardware or software, poses undue and unacceptable risks to U.S. national security and to the security and safety of U.S. persons.”

(i) This news follows the 2017 ban on using Kaspersky software on government devices. (ii) That ban alleged that Russian hackers used the software to steal classified materials from a device that had Kaspersky software installed. (iii) Kaspersky has denied such allegations. 

Will I have to get new online protection software if I use Kaspersky? 

Yes. In addition to barring new sales or agreements with U.S. persons from July 20, the ban also applies to software updates. Like all online protection software, updates keep people safe from the latest threats. Without updates, the software leaves people more and more vulnerable over time. The update piece of the ban takes hold on September 29. With that, current users have roughly three months to get new online protection that will keep them protected online. 

How do I remove Kaspersky software? 

The answer depends on your device. The links to the following support pages can walk you through the process: 

What should I look for when it comes to online protection? 

Today, you need more than anti-virus to keep you safe against the sophisticated threats of today’s digital age. You need comprehensive online protection. By “comprehensive” we mean software that protects your devices, identity, and privacy. Comprehensive online protection software from McAfee covers all three — because hackers, scammers, and thieves target all three.  

“Comprehensive” also means that your software continues to grow and evolve just as the internet does. It proactively rolls out new features as new threats appear, such as: 

Scam Protection that helps protect you against the latest scams via text, email, QR codes, and on social media. Also, should you accidentally click, web protection blocks sketchy links that crop up in searches and sites. 

Social Privacy Manager that helps you adjust more than 100 privacy settings across your social media accounts in only a few clicks. It also protects privacy on TikTok, making ours the first privacy service to protect people on that platform. For families, that means we now cover the top two platforms that teens use, TikTok and YouTube.  

AI-powered protection that doesn’t slow you down. For more than a decade, our award-winning protection has used AI to block the latest threats — and today it provides 3x faster scans with 75% fewer processes running on the PC. Independent tests from labs like AV-Comparatives have consistently awarded McAfee with the highest marks for both protection and for performance. 


What should I do about the Kaspersky ban? 

As the Department of Commerce urges, switch now 

Yet, make a considered choice. Comprehensive online protection software that looks out for your devices, identity, and privacy is a must — something you are likely aware of already as a Kaspersky user. 

We hope this rundown of the Kaspersky news helps as you seek new protection. And we also hope you’ll give us a close look. Our decades-long track record of award-winning protection and the highest marks from independent labs speaks to how strongly we feel about protecting you and everyone online. Kaspersky US customers can get a discount to switch to McAfee for a limited time, using code MCAFEEKASUS10 at checkout.


McAfee Advisory for Kaspersky Customers

In light of national security, the sale of Kaspersky online protection software will soon be banned in the U.S. Wondering what this means for you? If you’re currently using Kaspersky software to protect your devices, the clock is ticking to find another option to secure your digital life. Kaspersky US customers can get a discount to switch to McAfee for a limited time, using code MCAFEEKASUS10 at checkout.

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