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Kick Off Your Digital Spring Cleaning Efforts During World Backup Day

As spring blossoms into full-force, millions of people will start to shed the heavy baggage and gear that kept them warm during winter by partaking in a tried and true practice: spring cleaning.

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Is Our Smartphone Addiction Affecting Our Mental Health?

Your smartphone: how many times a day do you check it? Please be honest. And what about your teens? Is their smartphone permanently attached to their fingers? In my world – I would absolutely hate to count. I often find it difficult to go anywhere without my phone without feeling ...

Mobile and IoT Security

So, Your Phone Got Stolen. Here’s What to Do.

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is known for 3 days of desert heat, trendy tunes, and breathtaking art installations, but it may get a new reputation by many as the weekend of stolen cell phones. Hundreds of mobile devices were stolen over the first weekend of the concert earlier ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Two Attacks On Mobile Banking Are Back

It feels as through every day, a new app is released that makes it easier to pay for something through your mobile device. Whether you’re tapping your phone to a card reader, depositing checks through a mobile banking app, or paying bills online, there are many ways that banks and ...

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Survey: More Than Half of Travelers Couldn’t Unplug on Vacation

Everybody knows it, everybody admits it, and everybody seems to accept it. We’re addicted to our mobile phones. While over-attachment to smartphones sometimes makes us miss out on immediate experiences, it can also pose a security problem — especially on summer trips when we’re unable, or unwilling, to unplug. We ...

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All Your Devices Deserve Some Digital Spring Cleaning

Every spring, many winter-weary people get a glimmer in their eye and a bottle of bleach in their hand. For them, it’s time to synergize hygiene and get organized: it’s time for spring cleaning. We could learn a lot from our neat and tidy brethren. For example: we ought to ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Return of the Hack

As our world has evolved, so has our technology. And, as that technology has evolved, so has its consumption. Now more than ever consumers are adopting the newest technological devices and integrating them into their daily lives. One prime example? Smart phones. Once used only to make phones calls and ...

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Windows 10 Makes a Strong Move Towards a Security Conscious Future

The past week has been an exciting one for cyber security announcements. On Tuesday, President Obama gave his State of the Union address, in which he briefly mentioned his proposals for a more secure future. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced a bevy of new projects, including its new operating system, Windows ...

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The Hacker’s New Best Friend Could be Your USB Port

It’s tiny and portable, yet perfect for storing large items. I’m talking about the good ol’ Universal Serial Bus (a.k.a USB) drive, the giveaway of choice at tradeshows across the world, and perfect for the easy storage and transfer of photos, documents, music and more. But you might want to ...

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The iPhone’s Biggest Weakness May Be Your Computer

Mobile malware is the fastest growing security threat we face today. But that threat has long been lopsided, and unfortunately, Android mobile operating system has seen the brunt of attacks due to its immense popularity and accessibility around the globe. Apple’s iOS ecosystem, while also widely popular, has maintained a ...

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