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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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Cloud Security

Cloud Native Security Approach Comparisons

Vinay Khanna, Ashwin Prabhu & Sriranga Seetharamaiah also contributed to this article.  In the Cloud, security responsibilities are shared between the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Enterprise Security teams. To enable Security teams to provide compliance, visibility, and control across the application stack, CSPs and security vendors have added various innovative ...

McAfee Labs

“Fool’s Gold”: Questionable Vaccines, Bogus Results, and Forged Cards

Preface Countries all over the world are racing to achieve so-called herd immunity against COVID-19 by vaccinating their populations. From the initial lockdown to the cancellation of events and the prohibition of business travel, to the reopening of restaurants, and relaxation of COVID restrictions on outdoor gatherings, the vaccine rollout ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Seeking Reconnection: Internet Usage and the Return to Travel

Even as the internet kept us connected with family and friends during the pandemic, people remain understandably eager to reconnect in person as vaccines roll out and restrictions ease. In fact, people are making travel plans accordingly. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of people worldwide said that they’re planning to travel for leisure this year. And, as always, they’re bringing their devices with them.  These ...


Gartner names McAfee a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

At McAfee, we believe no one person, product or organization can combat cybercrime alone. That is why we continue to build our device-to-cloud security platform on the premise of working together – together with customers, partners and even other cybersecurity vendors. We continue this fight against the greatest challenges of our digital ...

Family Safety

More Apps for Younger Users Emerging. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.

More and more social platforms are coming up with safer ways for younger kids to access their apps. The most recent announcement comes from Facebook who is reportedly creating a version of Instagram for kids 13 and under. It’s a family safety win to see so many companies (YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook have parental ...


RSA Conference 2021: The Best Place to Strengthen Your Resilience

This year’s RSA Conference will look a little different. Instead of booking flights and hotel rooms in the busy city of San Francisco, we’ll be powering up computers in our home office with family in the next room. We’ve all had a tumultuous year and with that comes resilience, which ...

Consumer Cyber Awareness Consumer

How to Remain Secure While Using Running Apps

When gyms were forced to close last year, you likely looked for other ways to get some exercise and stay active during quarantine. From investing in a few pairs of dumbbells or perhaps downloading an app or two to help you track your workouts, you found alternatives to help you break a sweat. As an accessible, easy ...

Executive Perspectives

Defending Cybersecurity Can’t Be Done Blindfolded–The EU’s NIS2 Review Can Set This Right

Cybercriminals are currently enjoying a golden age, with the volume and severity of attacks growing constantly, and an ability to commit hostile acts with impunity. The EU, in its overhaul of cybersecurity laws dubbed NIS2, is committed to ensuring that what’s illegal offline should also be illegal online. For that ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Beware of Social Media Scams

Social media is a great place to connect with friends and family. Unfortunately, it is also a great place for misinformation to run rampant, and it is a virtual treasure chest for cybercriminals to steal personal information. Over 25 million Canadians own a social media account, and more than 80% ...

Security Operations

McAfee Proactive Security Proves Effective in Recent MITRE ATT&CK™

McAfee Soars with Superior Protection Results    Bottom Line: McAfee stopped the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Carbanak and FIN7 threats in their tracks within the first 15% of the major steps of the attack chain (on average), delivering on a critical security operations center (SOC) strategy: Stop the attack as early as possible.   In April 2021, MITRE Engenuity released the results ...

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