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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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Internet Security

See Yourself in Cyber – Five Quick Ways You Can Quickly Get Safer Online

With “See Yourself in Cyber” as the theme for this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the focus is on you with...

Tips & Tricks Family Safety Mobile Security

How Do Hackers Hack Phones and How Can I Prevent It?

The threat of having your phone hacked has become a common fear. The truth is that it is possible to hack any phone. With the advancement of technology, where discovery of knowledge and information advances the understanding of technology, hackers are able to hack even the most sophisticated phone software. ...

Internet Security

McAfee Secure VPN: Now with WireGuard for Faster Speeds and Enhanced Stability

McAfee’s Secure VPN now supports the WireGuard protocol, which gives you faster connection speeds plus enhanced stability and security.   WireGuard...

Security News

The Optus Data Breach – Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

Optus, one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers, reported news of a data breach that may have compromised the information of...

Internet Security

Credit Lock and Credit Freeze: Which Service Is Best for You? Both!

Are you hoping to buy a house or apply for a car, personal, or business loan at some point? A...

Mobile Security

Help! I Think My Phone’s Been Hacked

“My phone’s been hacked!” Words you probably don’t want to hear or say. Ever.  Your phone gets to be like...

Tips & Tricks Mobile Security

7 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Getting Hacked

There’s little rest for your hard-working smartphone. If you’re like many professionals today, you use it for work, play, and a mix of personal...

Privacy & Identity Protection

All-New Ransomware Coverage Opens Up the Path to Recovery

Our all-new ransomware coverage is now available, ready to help just in case—all backed by expert advice to help you...

Tips & Tricks

How Often Should You Change Your Passwords?

When it comes to passwords, most of us would love nothing more than to set it and forget it. But...

Internet Security

Steer Clear of the “Pay Yourself Scam” That’s Targeting Online Bank Accounts

An old banking scam has a new look. And it’s making the rounds again.  Recently Bank of America alerted its...

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