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2021 Threat Predictions Report

New year, new threats! Hear from McAfee experts as they share our 2021 threat predictions and some of the challenges enterprises and consumers could face in the new year.

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McAfee Labs

Babuk Ransomware

Executive Summary Babuk ransomware is a new ransomware threat discovered in 2021 that has impacted at least five big enterprises, with one already paying the criminals $85,000 after negotiations. As with other variants, this ransomware is deployed in the network of enterprises that the criminals carefully target and compromise. Using ...

McAfee Labs

Beyond Clubhouse: Vulnerable Agora SDKs Still in Widespread Use

On February 17th, 2021, McAfee disclosed findings based on a 10-month long disclosure process with major video conferencing vendor Agora, Inc.  As we disclosed the findings to Agora in April 2020, this lengthy disclosure timeline represents a nonstandard process for McAfee but was a joint agreement with the vendor to ...

Family Safety

How 2020 Has Shaped The Way We Live Our Lives

How 2020 Has Shaped The Way We Live Our Lives I’ve had such a busy morning! I’ve hunted down my favourite foundation, bought a puzzle mat, stocked up on special dog food for our naughty new puppy, ordered the groceries, made a few appointments and chatted with several friends. And ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Millions Affected by Malware Attributed to Android Barcode-Scanning App 

We’ve all come to a realization that we don’t go anywhere without our phone. It’s a utility that helps us navigate our daily lives: directions, schedules, shopping, discounts, banking, and so on. And as our reliance on our smartphone continues to grow, it’s no wonder that hackers have taken notice. ...

Cloud Security

Domain Age as an Internet Filter Criteria

Use of “domain age” is a feature being promoted by various firewall and web security vendors as a method to protect users and systems from accessing malicious internet destinations. The concept is to use domain age as a generic traffic filtering parameter. The thought is that hosts associated with newly ...

McAfee Labs

Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You: McAfee ATR Finds Vulnerability in Agora Video SDK

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team is committed to uncovering security issues in both software and hardware to help developers provide safer products for businesses and consumers. We recently investigated and published several findings on a personal robot called “temi”, which can be read about in detail here. A byproduct ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Hang Up on Hackers: Protect Yourself from Mobile App Video Conferencing Vulnerabilities

Hang Up on Hackers: Protect Yourself from Mobile App Video Conferencing Vulnerabilities Whether they’re attending regular work meetings or catching up with extended family across the globe, many people leverage video conferencing to better connect with others – a process that will likely continue as our world only becomes more digital. But ...

Family Safety

Balancing Digital: Helping Your Family Manage Ongoing Stress

Balancing Digital: Helping Your Family Manage Ongoing Stress Editor’s Note: This is part I in a series on helping families protect their mental and digital health in times of chronic stress. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or treatment. The data continues to confirm ...

Endpoint Security

Are You Ready for XDR?

What is your organization’s readiness for the emerging eXtended Detection Response (XDR) technology? McAfee just released the first iteration of this technology, MVISION XDR. As XDR capabilities become available, organizations need to think through how to embrace the new security operations technology destined to empower detection and response capabilities. XDR is a journey for people and ...


Here’s What I’m Doing to Avoid Being Caught Up in A Puppy Scam

In November last year, we lost our much-loved family dog. We were all so devasted. Harley was a very handsome black and white Cavoodle who died from a paralysis tick bite after giving us 12 years of love. After lots of tears and weeks of sadness, we have decided it’s ...

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