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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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Internet Security

Deepfake Defense: Your 8-Step Shield Against Digital Deceit

A disturbing story out of western Spain spotlights challenges of technological evolution. Unwitting children and teenagers were victims of users...

Internet Security

Safer AI: Four Questions Shaping Our Digital Future

Depending on the day’s most popular headlines, AI is either a panacea or the ultimate harbinger of doom. We could...

Internet Security

What Is Credential Phishing?

You guard the keys to your home closely, right? They have their own special spot in your bag or in...

Security News

User Data from 23andMe Leaked Online – What Users Should Do, and the Rest of Us Too

In October, a hacker claimed to have hijacked profile information of “millions” of users from the popular genetic testing site...

Internet Security

Do I Really Need to be on Snapchat to be a Good Digital Parent?

If you had to count the number of social media platforms your teen uses, I wonder what the score would...

Internet Security

Is That Delivery Text Real or Fake? How to Shop and Ship Safely this Season

With the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping comes a rush of another kind. Millions of fake delivery...

McAfee Labs

PDF Phishing: Beyond the Bait

By Lakshya Mathur & Yashvi Shah  Phishing attackers aim to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information for financial gain, credential...

Internet Security

How To Help Your Teens Stay Safe When They Start Dating Online

In the 80’s, train stations and church groups were the key places to meet boys. And despite the fact I...

Internet Security

Look Out for the Cyber Grinch! How to Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Yes, there is a Cyber Grinch. In fact, you’ll find evidence of an entire host of grinches online — the...

McAfee Labs

Beneath the Surface: How Hackers Turn NetSupport Against Users

NetSupport malware variants have been a persistent threat, demonstrating adaptability and evolving infection techniques. In this technical analysis, we delve...

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