Daisuke Nakajima is a mobile malware researcher and part of McAfee's Mobile Malware Research and Operations team. He is based in Tokyo, and specializes in mobile malware analysis, reverse-engineering, and malware detection code development and performance tuning, and research on big data analysis-based malware detection technology. He is also actively monitoring and reporting mobile threats targeting consumer users in Japan.

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Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Adobe Flash Player Installer Scams Reappear on Google Play

Adobe Flash Player has been a boon to Android malware creators for a long time. These developers have taken advantage...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Suspicious Mobile App Finds Your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts

Today many people use multiple web services, such as social networking and messaging services. Some users explicitly show their identity...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Automatic App Installation from Google Play Poses Big Risk

Android users usually download and install applications from the Google Play store through several interactions with the service–including viewing the...

Mobile Security

Vietnamese ‘Adult’ Apps on Google Play Open Gate to SMS Trojans

Malware related to short message services occupies a large portion of today’s Android malware families. These include premium SMS fraud...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Chat Friend Finder Apps on Google Play Leak Personal Information

Somewhat controversial websites or apps called chat friend finders, or ID BBS (Bulletin Board System) are spreading widely in Japan....

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

One-Click Scammers Still Targeting Japanese Smartphone Users

Last year we saw an attack targeting Android device users in which more than 2,400 malicious one-click fraud apps were...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Suspicious Apps on Google Play Leak Google Account IDs

The Google account ID (or account name), which in most cases is a Gmail address, is one of the key...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

More Japanese Chat Apps on Google Play Steal Phone Numbers

In two recent blogs, McAfee Labs described Japanese and Korean Android apps on Google Play that steal a mobile device’s...

McAfee Labs

JavaScript Apps on Google Play Steal Korean Phone Numbers

In a recent blog, McAfee Labs reported on suspicious JavaScript-based Android chat applications for Japanese users. These apps were found...

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Japanese Chat App for Android Steals Phone Numbers

Update, December 5 The developer of the app Machin Chat has contacted McAfee and reported that the collection of phone...

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