McAfee and Intel Collaborate to Combat Deepfakes with AI-Powered Deepfake Detection

In a world where deepfake scams and misinformation are on the rise, McAfee has announced significant enhancements to its AI-powered deepfake detection technology. Leveraging the power of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in Intel® Core™ Ultra processor-based PCs, McAfee Deepfake Detector is set to revolutionize the fight against deepfakes, providing consumers with the tools they need to discern truth from fiction. 

The Growing Concern for Deepfakes 

With nearly two-thirds of people globally expressing increased concern about deepfakes, McAfee Deepfake Detector comes at a crucial time. The advanced AI-powered technology, previously known as ‘Project Mockingbird,’ made its debut earlier this year, addressing consumers’ growing need for identifying deepfake scams and misinformation. 

The Power of AI in Deepfake Detection 

Cybercriminals are increasingly using AI to manipulate audio in videos, creating convincing deepfake scams. McAfee’s Deepfake Detector utilizes advanced AI detection techniques, including transformer-based Deep Neural Network models, expertly trained to detect and notify customers when audio in a video is likely generated or manipulated by AI. This cutting-edge and first of its kind technology is designed to empower users to live their lives online with confidence. 

McAfee’s collaboration with Intel is the next step in the company’s commitment to delivering innovative online protection solutions. By leveraging Intel Core Ultra processor’s NPU, McAfee’s AI models can complete inference locally, without compromising user privacy by sending private information to the cloud. This collaboration has resulted in up to a 300% performance improvement on the same model, along with improved battery life. 

McAfee Deepfake Detector utilizes advanced AI detection models to identify AI-generated audio within videos, helping people understand their digital world and assess the authenticity of content. McAfee Deepfake Detector will soon be available for English language detection, with plans for other languages to roll out in subsequent phases.

Enhanced Performance and Privacy 

The combination of Intel’s AI PC technology and McAfee’s Deepfake Detector offers substantial benefits to customers. With local model execution, users can enjoy enhanced performance, improved battery life, and greater control over their data. There is no longer a need to send large files to the cloud for analysis, providing peace of mind and privacy. 

A Seamless and Robust Customer Experience

McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Grobman, emphasizes the importance of staying one step ahead of AI-generated deepfakes, noting that the collaboration with Intel enables McAfee to deliver a seamless and robust customer experience. By leveraging Intel’s Core Ultra processor technology and NPU, McAfee provides consumers with the most advanced and powerful generative AI deepfake detection capabilities, without compromising on performance or privacy. 

Enabling the Technology Ecosystem 

Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of Ecosystem Partner Enabling, Carla Rodríguez, highlights the partnership’s commitment to using AI for good. The collaboration with McAfee aims to bring innovative solutions like McAfee Deepfake Detector to market, leveraging the NPU in Intel Core Ultra processor-based PCs. This collaboration drives the detection of malicious and misleading deepfakes while delivering optimal performance and privacy. 

With the rise of deepfake scams and misinformation, McAfee’s AI-powered Deepfake Detector, on Intel-based AI PCs, is a game-changer in the fight against deepfakes. By harnessing the power of AI and local model execution, McAfee empowers users to discern truth from fiction, ensuring a safer and more secure online experience. Stay one step ahead with McAfee’s Deepfake Detector and protect yourself from the dangers of deepfakes. 


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