Women in Sales Part 5: The Value of Support Networks and Inspiration

Women at McAfee are making powerful contributions to our sales efforts. Saleswomen from varying backgrounds share their unique perspectives in hopes of encouraging more women to join them in sales.  

This weekwomen share the inspirations and support networks which are leading them down successful sales paths. 

And in case you missed it, meet more women at McAfee who discussed opportunities in the fieldoffered insight into the necessary skills to succeedshared the distinguishing traits that defined their success, and illustrated the importance of learning and maintaining balance.

Find a sponsor: First, find someone working in sales or presales who can serve as your sponsor. This is someone who can get you in touch with the right people. Then, show your value, communicate clearly, and own your brand. Make yourself visible and connect with people who can promote you inside of sales. Start with a professional LinkedIn account. Work hard, and most importantly, tell your manager and peers about your goals. If you don’t communicate your interest in advancing or moving to different roles, they won’t be aware and can’t help you get there. 

– Aleks, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland 

Find inspiration through family: The biggest inspirations for me are my mom and my grandma. Back in the day, my grandma broke glass ceilings with double university degrees and built a career in Soviet Russia when it was uncommon. My mom passed me all her knowledge and her entrepreneur spirit. She has always been very strict and demanding, but she taught me how to be brave and independent. She continues to teach me to this day how to question my own thoughts and habits as well as encourage me to think outside-of-the-box.”

– Anastasia, Inside Sales, Cork, Ireland


Strive to grow and improve. “Early in my career, I worked for an amazing manager. She told me it was up to me to decide what I wanted to be. She also said there was no one right choice if I stayed as an individual contributor or grew to be a senior leader – because whatever I decided, I should be incredibly ambitious and always strive to make myself better. I encourage you to ask a successful woman in tech, ‘How did you get there and what skills are needed to succeed in your role?’ Ask questions, find a mentor and create a plan for how you can enter that space.”  

– Brenda, Consumer Sales, Vancouver, Canada

Look to the women around you: “The women in my family inspire me the most. They are not afraid to take on big challenges that move them forward – whether as a stay-at-home mom, professional in the corporate world, or an entrepreneur. They’ve overcome a lot of challenges. My mother started her own business at the age of 62. She was a stay-at-home mom when my siblings and I were still at home. It is the small things that women do that inspire me all the time!” 

– Carine, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States 

Partnership goes a long way:
“Networking can create big opportunities. I built a relationship with one of the sales engineers while working in a support role. He came to me for help when he worked with customers and partnered together. I stayed in touch and reached out to him when deciding to pursue a career in sales. I asked for the chance to interview for a sales engineer position and ultimately got the job.” 

– Elizabeth, Presales/Sales Engineering, Plano, TX, United States 

Build support systems with
networking: “Networking is a great way to find out how you fit in a certain role while also making a valuable connection with an organization. Reach out and get know members of a community, association or social networking group like LinkedInDon’t be afraid to seek their advice. Learn from them and, if possible, get referrals. You can always leverage their network(s) to get introductions to various employers. I firmly believe women want to help women succeed.” 

 – Kate, Enterprise Sales – Federal, Washington, D.C. 

 inspiration all around: “​I’m inspired reading about what other ladies like me accomplish daily. I see them juggling so many balls and still be successful, yet they are vulnerable. Many of them advocate publicly and privately for the advancement and equality for all women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a pioneer and Rosa Parks just decided to say no. They are just two of many, many others who have shaped our world. They are inspiration for many, but we inspire ourselves more than we realize by the things we do every single day. This inspiration has helped me achieve success in the technological world of cybersecurity sales at McAfee. 

– Kristol, Inside Sales, Plano, TX 


Thank you to these talented women for sharing a glimpse into what it takes to be successful in sales. With our combined perspectives and experiences, we can achieve of our mission to protect all that matters.


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