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Defend against web-based ransomware

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Secure every path to the Internet

McAfee Web Protection uses secure web gateway technology to protect every device, user, and location from sophisticated Internet threats. With McAfee Web Protection, security teams can reduce their endpoint remediation efforts dramatically, improve their incident response practice by sharing threat intelligence, and maintain consistent protection wherever a user travels.

All deployment options—cloud, on premises, and hybrid—are built with the same web security technology, ensuring every path to the Internet receives equal protection.

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Solve your web security challenges

Prevent sophisticated threats

Reduce your quantity of endpoint incidents by stopping zero-day malware and targeted attacks that evade traditional defenses like URL filtering and antivirus signatures. McAfee Web Protection combines comprehensive web filtering with behavior analysis to detect zero-day malware, and uncovers threats concealed within encrypted traffic through in-depth SSL inspection.

Share threat information

Integrate McAfee Web Protection with complementary solutions, such as McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, to enable more effective threat detection, reduce incident response times, and improve operational efficiency across the entire security infrastructure.

Extend web security everywhere

Maintain consistent protection for users wherever they reside with one policy across cloud and on-premises deployments. Reduce the cost of backhauling traffic to an on-premises gateway by routing to the cloud service for remote offices and off-network users.

McAfee operates a globally distributed cloud service

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Product Reviews

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Zero Day Malware Prevention

Zero-Day Malware Prevention

Discover how to block approximately 99.5% of malware from the web, and reduce the time and resources you need to spend cleaning up successful intrusions.

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System Requirements

McAfee Web Protection can be deployed as a cloud service, on-premises software (virtual or hardware appliance), or a hybrid combination of the two. See System Requirements

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