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Block unauthorized, out-of-policy changes

McAfee Integrity Control blocks unauthorized applications and change on fixed-function, point-of-service infrastructures, including ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and kiosks. Combining industry-leading whitelisting and change control technology, it prevents out-of-policy changes while still allowing updates from authorized sources.

  • Reduce change-related outages and compliance violations.
  • Secure fixed-function devices with a fixed CPU or memory. A low-overhead footprint does not impact system performance, and it is equally effective in standalone mode, without network access.
  • Dynamically manage whitelists and support multiple configurations for different business needs and devices.
  • Centralize deployment and management with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator console.
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Prevent unapproved changes and applications

Block unauthorized applications and change attempts

Ensure that only approved software runs on the point-of-service infrastructure. Easily block unauthorized, vulnerable, or malicious applications that can compromise the security of critical systems.

Link change protection to policy

Verify changes against the source, time window, or approved change ticket. Changes outside of policy are blocked, and the attempt is sent as an alert to administrators, reducing outages and violations.

Monitor file integrity and file changes

Check files and directories for changes to content and permissions. McAfee Integrity Control provides continuous file integrity monitoring, essential for verifying the security of an environment and meeting compliance requirements.

Meet and sustain PCI DSS compliance

Get continuous information about change events across the point-of-service infrastructure to comply with PCI DSS requirements. See information about every change, including the user and the program used to make the change.

Get dynamic whitelisting via a trusted source

Eliminate the need for IT administrators to manually maintain lists of approved applications. A repository of trusted applications prevents execution of unauthorized scripts and dynamic link libraries, and defends against exploits.

Extend security to connected devices with McAfee Embedded Control

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