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Inclusion at McAfee is about the power of working together and creating a culture where all voices are valued.

Our commitment

Protecting all that matters demands constant innovation. Doing our job well requires building a workplace that embraces individuality, encourages different perspectives, and welcomes a range of experiences to boost real innovation, creativity, and strategic problem-solving. But it’s not just the right thing to do for business—it’s about every person’s innate right to be their true self and belong.

Our approach

Our efforts to ensure an inclusive workplace fall in three areas: our ability to connect with top diverse talent, our desire to build a workplace where all employees can thrive, and our commitment to ignite change within our industry and community. Below are some examples of how we achieve our goals.


How we recruit, hire, and develop top diverse talent.


Hiring Practices
We apply best practices such as using more inclusive language in job descriptions, applying values-based behavioral interviewing, and ensuring diverse representation on hiring panels.


Growth & Development
We offer development opportunities specific to women and underrepresented professionals through designated learning tracks and high-potential programs to build tomorrow’s leaders.


How we create an inclusive culture where you belong.


Communities & Council
Both employee-led McAfee Communities and our Diversity & Culture Council help drive our inclusion and diversity goals forward and ensure all perspectives are welcome.


Inclusive Benefits
Everyone is empowered to live their best lives with access to inclusive benefits such as gender reassignment benefits, enhanced fertility benefits, and child and elder care services.


How we bring change to our industry & community.

Pay Parity

Pay Parity
Through our annual compensation review, we’ve achieved pay parity for both gender and underrepresented professionals across the company and continue to lead the way for the cybersecurity industry.

STEM Education

STEM Education
We fuel STEM interests with our McAfee Explorers and McAfee Online Safety Program for Kids.

“By fostering a culture that encourages every employee to be themselves and celebrates what makes us unique, we create an environment where all can belong. We work tirelessly to make McAfee a place where you’re uninhibited to develop your passion, pursue creativity, and reach your true potential.”

— Chatelle Lynch, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

McAfee communities

Our employee-run Communities foster our culture of belonging. All groups are open to everyone and supported by senior leaders. Currently, six employee-formed communities operate.

African Heritage

The McAfee African Heritage Community plays a critical role in empowering members by promoting employee growth and development, hosting a regular lunch-and-learn series, supporting recruitment efforts, and driving cultural awareness activities.


By fostering an inclusive environment, the McAfee Ability Community, advocates opportunities where differently abled people are recognized as contributing employees and enjoy dignity and respect in the workplace.


The McAfee Latino Community supports career advancement of its members, promotes cultural celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month, and provides insight into the professional development needs of our Latino employees.


Focused on creating a welcoming culture, the McAfee Pride Community supports LGBTQ+ members and allies through employee development, inclusive speaker panels, Pride Month events, and strategies for hiring and retaining LGBTQ+ employees.


Through the McAfee Veterans Community, we create an inclusive environment for military veterans, family members, and supporters, help attract and retain the best military talent, and raise awareness on observances like Military Appreciation Month, Veterans Day, and Remembrance Day.

Women in Security

As McAfee’s largest community, the McAfee Women in Security (WISE) Community provides career empowerment through mentorship programs and both personal and professional development events as well as leads the charge during International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

McAfee voices

"I'm from an Indian-Muslim family and raised among strong women. Today, I'm challenging stereotypes as a full-time working mother and computer engineer. At McAfee, people look at my work and how I deliver. I'm able to be me."

— Ambareen, Software Engineer

"At McAfee, I feel like I’m home. It’s comforting to not have to hide who I am. I can just be myself and focus on doing my job well."

— Michael, Inside Sales Rep

"I love how at McAfee we embrace company values and celebrate inclusion and diversity with our teams around the world. It’s refreshing to come to work and be part of the McAfee family."

— Mia, Executive Administrator

"My corporate career began while on active duty in the U.S. Navy. I now deliver services for the public sector. My experience at McAfee has taught me when you see people for who they are and value everything they bring to the table, you unlock enormous potential."

— Chris, Sr. Director, Federal Professional Services

"I started in a non-technical role at McAfee and am now in technical project management. I appreciate the opportunities and support for women that allow me to grow in ways I didn’t expect."

— Rosie, Technical Project Manager

Our workforce

To solve tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges, we know that our industry needs a more diverse, innovative workforce. We stand firm in our commitment to drive the dramatic change we need. To practice our value of transparency and open the door to honest conversations, we are publicly disclosing our most recent workforce summary data. Data reflects our workforce as of December 31, 2020.


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