McAfee Launches Privacy & Identity Guard to Help Japanese Consumers Take Control of Their Personal Data Online



June 30, 2023

McAfee Launches Privacy & Identity Guard to Help Japanese Consumers Take Control of Their Personal Data Online

  • McAfee’s newest product release helps customers take control of their personal information online with identity monitoring, identity restoration, and help clearing of unused or risky online accounts.
  • McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard is now available across major retailers in Japan.

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. June 30, 2023 - Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced the launch of McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard to help Japanese customers safeguard their identity and privacy online.

In Japan, nearly two-thirds (61%) of consumers want more control of their personal information online. Almost the same percentage (60%) of Japanese adults are concerned about their ability to keep their information private. Regaining control of personal data available online, and the data often most sought after by cybercriminals, has never been more important.

McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard will enable customers to proactively manage and remove personal information online to help prevent potential identity theft and fraud. With an industry-leading set of features, McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard provides visibility into the risky places personal information is available, including the Dark Web and on sites customers created an account for but no longer use. Customers can then take action to reduce the amount of personal data companies possess. In addition, customers will receive advanced alerts and be able to act quickly if their personal information is detected on the Dark Web, lowering the risk of identity theft.

Over the years, consumers can create hundreds of online accounts. If any one of those companies becomes a victim of a data breach, a consumer’s personal information may get into the wrong hands. The more accounts created, the higher chance a cybercriminal could gain access and breach one or more accounts. McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard helps customers see which accounts are still active and which are more risky. It also offers guidance and identity restoration services if needed, ultimately giving customers more control over their personal information and greater peace of mind.

“We are excited to bring McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard to market and to help Japanese customers take back control to better manage and safeguard their personal information online,” said Noriko Kuriyama, McAfee’s Head of Japan. “We’re proud to introduce this new online protection product in Japan and to provide preventative privacy and identity management for our customers.”

McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard for Japan includes:

Identity Monitoring - Monitor personal information with timely alerts.

  • Proactive and Guided – When a breach is detected, McAfee can help guide consumers to take the most effective and simple steps when action is needed.
  • Extensive Monitoring – Keep tabs on almost 60 unique pieces of personal info such as email addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, or bank accounts, to name a few, to ensure they are properly secure.
  • Dedicated Support: Assistance – McAfee offers friendly assistance from security experts available online or via phone call.

Identity Restoration – Peace of mind with identity theft restoration assistance.

  • Identity Restoration Experts– Identity restoration experts are available to help customers take the necessary steps to help repair their identity and credit if they ever need it, including assistance to help prevent or assist with identity fraud.
  • Lost Wallet Assistance – With lost wallet assistance, if a consumer’s ID, credit or debit cards are lost or stolen, McAfee will help cancel and replace them.

Online Account Cleanup - Find personal data tied to old or unused online accounts.

  • Scans – Online Account Cleanup runs monthly scans to find customers’ online accounts and shows a risk level to help customers decide which to keep or delete.

McAfee Protection Score – Monitor the health of your protection to improve your security.

  • Protection Score – Consumers can check the health of their online protection and get simple steps to improve online security with industry-first McAfee Protection Score.

McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard is available in-store only with major retailers across Japan starting on June 30, 2023.

Our suggested retail pricing is ¥5,980 JPY for 1 Year / 1 User Version

Survey Methodology
The survey was conducted by market research agency MSI Research in December 2022. An online questionnaire was completed by 762 Japanese adults.

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