Intel Security

Blast v2.0

A small, quick TCP service stress test tool.

Blast 2.0 - a small, quick TCP service stress test tool. Blast does a good amount of work very quickly and can help spot potential weaknesses in your network servers. For a detailed explanation and examples of usage of this tool, please read the .txt file included in the zip.

Some Features

  • /trial switch adds the ability to see how the buffer looks before sending it
  • /v switch adds verbose option - off by default
  • /nr switch turns off initial receive after initial connect - HTTP services don't send and initial response, Mail services do
  • The /nr switch fixes the effect of HTTP timeouts when sending GET strings
  • /dr adds double LF/CR's to buffers(useful for GET requests) off by default

Blast™ is a stress test tool for professional administrators.

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