VIDigger v1.0

VIDigger is a tool designed to help VMware Virtual Infrastructure administrators harden their environment. Though the core technology of VMware is designed to be secure, there are many configuration settings and deployment considerations that can severely impact the overall security of the deployed Virtual Infrastructure. VIDigger is designed to help administrators check the configuration of ESX server and the virtual machines hosted on ESX server against the VMware Infrastructure Hardening guide and other best practices.

VIDigger will retrieve configuration data about the host and virtual machines and then deliver a customizable report of problematic areas to the Virtual Administrator. VIDigger is intended to be used throughout the deployment lifecycle both as a hardening tool and a change tracking tool that brings configuration settings changes to the attention of the administrator. The tool focused on changes that may impact the overall security of the ESX host or virtual machine(s) deployed on the ESX host.

One of the most exciting features of VIDigger is that it can be extended to add new checks as new components are added to the virtual infrastructure not currently scanned by the tool.

System Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5

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