McAfee Cloud Workload Security

Automate and simplify workload and container defense for the hybrid cloud

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Discover and defend your elastic workloads and Docker containers in minutes

McAfee Cloud Workload Security automates the discovery and defense of elastic workloads to eliminate blind spots, deliver advanced threat defense, and simplify hybrid cloud management.

Automate discovery and deployment

Continuous workload discovery gives you a centralized perspective of all instances across your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware accounts, while automation templates ensure your workloads are protected from the start.

Visualize and control network threats

Traditional perimeter-based security doesn’t work across hybrid workloads due to their amorphous and decentralized nature. Cloud-native network visualization, prioritized risk alerting, and micro-segmentation deliver awareness and control to prevent both lateral attacks in the data center and external threats.

Defend workloads against advanced attacks

Integrated countermeasures spanning machine learning, application containment, virtual machine-optimized anti-malware, whitelisting, file integrity monitoring, and micro-segmentation, protect workloads from threats like ransomware and targeted attacks.

Simplify cloud security management

A single-pane console consolidates security policy and management across physical endpoints, servers, virtual servers and desktops, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Isolation allows you to use micro-segmentation to quarantine workloads and containers with a single click.


Protect your AWS deployment

Expanding your public cloud deployment? See how McAfee secures your data and workloads in AWS.

Security built for the cloud

Cloud and DevOps integration

McAfee Cloud Workload Security works directly with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware environments to provide continuous visibility, while delivering deployment automation through common DevOps tool support (Chef, Puppet, and shell scripts).

Optimized for virtual workloads

Leverage advanced host-based workload defense optimized specifically for virtual instances to avoid resource storms that can strain underlying infrastructure.

Cloud-native network control

With increased awareness and control of your cloud workloads you can prevent both lateral attacks in the data center and external threats.

Cloud provider direct integration

Additional capabilities are enabled through direct integration with cloud providers such as AWS. For example, AWS GuardDuty alerts integrate directly into McAfee ePO, displaying network connections, port probes, and DNS requests for EC2 instances.

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McAfee Cloud Workload Security

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